Here at Macánta, We are proud to be one of the first Irish brands to receive the Health Stores Ireland Select quality mark. As an exclusively health store range, this was incredibly important to us starting out. 

What Does It Mean?

To the consumer it means that our products are approved by the governing body of health stores in Ireland. Dedicated to maintaining standards and ethics across the health store retailer industry in Ireland, Health Stores Ireland as an organisation seek to ensure that only the highest quality, environmentally and ethically mindful products are on sale in their member stores.

To this end, Health Stores Ireland have recently put in place a mark which will soon be seen on products that meet their strict criteria for product quality.

To receive this mark, Macánta as a brand have committed to upholding a number of criteria, namely:

  • Approved Sourcing, manufacturing and traceability,
  • Approved manufacturing process with regulatory approval where appropriate,
  • Responsible packaging with a clear emphasis on environmentally friendly recyclable bottles and a minimisation of carbon footprint.
  • Support for all Health Stores Ireland member stores in the form of training.


For more information on Health Stores Ireland and what they’re about, click here.