why Macanta Nutrition is different to many other brands


Best Available Ingredient Forms:

 Not all ingredient forms are the same. At Macánta Nutrition we very carefully select the best available ingredients that are backed by clinical scientific research delivering better outcomes for our customers. 

High Strength Formulae:

 We formulate our products ensuring that we have adequate amounts of all the key nutrients needed.

 No Binders or Fillers:

 We add nothing to our products beyond the ingredients that are there to provide benefits. No added fillers, binders, flow agents, anti-caking agents

 Nothing Artificial Added:

 Nothing artificial added whatsoever, if its not of benefit for our customer it’s not going in.

 Recyclable and Recycled Packaging: 

100% fully recycled plastic made in Limerick. Significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to glass imported from Asia.

 Vegan Products and Capsules:

Where possible all products are vegan in form and we also use capsules made from plant cellulose.